Democrats, Republicans Alike Say Caregivers Need Help!

Democrats, Republicans Alike Say Caregivers Need Help!

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An AARP poll found that no matter what their political leanings, Americans are in favor of improved support for the nation’s 42 million family caregivers.

Caregivers have bipartisan support!

We don’t hear about many issues these days that draw bipartisan support—but a recent poll from the AARP shows that people of every political leaning recognize the need to improve the lot of family caregivers in America.

Maybe this is because family caregiving knows no political party. According to the AARP, 42 million of us are caring for elderly and/or disabled relatives—and the number of people who need care is expected to double by 2050. The care provided by these family members is valued at close to $500 billion each year!

A new group, the Assisting Caregivers Today (ACT) Caucus, includes U.S. Senators and Representatives from both parties. AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins said, “The fact that this caucus is both bipartisan and bicameral is significant and encouraging. It sends a message that members of Congress recognize that the issues facing family caregivers and the desire to live independently and with dignity are not bound by politics or ideology.”

The poll found that among registered voters, 77 percent think that Congress should make it a priority to improve resources for family caregivers. And candidates take note: 68 percent said that they would be more favorable to members of Congress who wanted to improve family caregiver resources!

Source: IlluminAge reporting on news release from the AARP. Read more about the poll here, and the ACT Family Caregiving Caucus here.

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