4 Things to Know About At Home Care

4 Things to Know About At Home Care

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1. What is “Home Care”?

As it sounds, any type of care delivered to a person in their own home. This can be medical or non-medical. It can also refer to homemaking, companion or personal care services.

2. Is home healthcare different from home care?

The terms are used interchangeably, though home healthcare denotes a more skilled or medical based care provider such as a Registered Nurse, speech, physical, or occupational therapist in your home. These professional services are covered by Medicare.

Remember when Doctors made home calls too?

3. How do I know when home care is needed?

When you or a loved one needs help with personal care a.k.a. “Activities of Daily Living” (ADLs) such as: Bathing, Eating, Dressing, Grooming, Mobility (transferring) or Toileting. This may be caused by physical illness, post hospitalization or cognitive decline (dementia). Or when doing these things for oneself becomes dangerous and could cause a fall, inadequate self care or malnutrition.

Living independently goes beyond our personal care needs. You or a loved one may need assistance managing the household. The “Instrumental Activities of Daily Living” (IADLs) include routine tasks such as: laundry, shopping, banking, cooking, light housekeeping and transportation. Again, if help is needed to perform these tasks or it becomes dangerous to do them yourself, you need home care.

4. What are the benefits of home care?

Because there really is “no place like home”; Home Care enables you or your loved one to remain safe, cared for and as independent as possible at home.

  • Patients are most comfortable in their own homes and tend to heal faster.
  • Why pay for 24 hour care (facility) that you don’t need? Home care is less expensive!
  • There is a lower risk of infection at home as compared to a hospital or rehab center.
  • Your family or spouse is home to give you emotional and functional support.
  • Your routine is yours and the comforts of home are preferable to other settings.
  • Home care is more tailored to your individual needs than would be in a facility.
  • You receive personalized care monitored by your own doctor.